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Aura River Symphony ARS

ARS is a series of performances for sirens, horns and other public acoustic signaling devices near river Aura.

Inspiration for this work has been derived, among others, from Arseni Avraamov´s Symphony for the Sirens.  Which was premiered in Baku in 1920´s. Avraamov´s sound sources included naval factory whistles, foghons and artillery.

The basic instruments of Aura River Symphony are the signaling devices and horns of all the ships and boat accessible to us during that season or time of the day. This instumentation is augumented by church bells, sound landmarks, cannons and other sounding devices and/or processes.

The performance of ARS starts with ringing of all the church bells in Turku. The bells lead the citizens towards the river. At this point the ship horns and other naval signaling devices start to wail and hoot longinly from the harbour. The sounds of horns start to move slowly back and forth the river valley.
The different parts of the Aura River Symphony are marked by shots of old black powder cannon. The performance will climax with the counterpoint of ship and boat horns moving around harbour and river valley.

This is just one example what the performance might be. We are planning to have three performances during the year 2011 and it depends of participants what kind of instruments we will have.

Aura River Symphony is a project of sound artist Simo Alitalo. At least one of the performances is co-orchestrated and co-directed by sound artist Pessi Parviainen.

The performance is based on methods developed by several sound artists in different performances –  like at St. John´s Sound Symposium and by Hildegard Westerkamp in Vancouver.

Producing a performance of Aura River Symphony is very work intensive process. We have started the process in the beginning of the year 2010.

It requires a lot of planning, measurements and co-operation. The size of the performance space for Aura River Symphony is also challenging. The River valley is 3,5 kilometer´s distance from the Cathedral bridge to the habour and the mouth of the river.  In +0° C  the sped of sound is 331 m/sec so it takes 10 seconds for a sound to reach from Cathedral bridge to the harbour.

Aura River Symphony will be performed during the year 2011 in Turku when the city is the Cultural Capital of Europe. The first performance will be in the opening of the Cultural Capital Year 15th of January 2011.

ARS is part of Turku kuuntelee- Turku is listening art project. The producer of the project is Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology, (producers Simo and Tuike Alitalo).

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